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All my albums — including the ones with GODSMACK — are like musical journals, diaries of what I've gone through in my life at the time. He describes it as "a beautifully sad song," which offers a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Sully Erna is a homophobe who once bought his way out of having been responsible for a car accident that led to a severe traumatic brain injury for a 27 year-old woman. Parents don’t let their children experience enough. If you’re gonna sound like a cranky old man who just wants everyone to know that in your day you only paid a nickel for the picture show and they even showed a cartoon before the movie, at least don’t suggest that it would be really terrific for kids to grow up in a shitty, potentially violent environment.

Composed by Sully on piano and acoustic guitar and produced in his New Hampshire studio, "Hometown Life" offers a departure from the tribal, world music feel and experimentation on 2010's "Avalon"; the new album's ten songs are more accessible, sonically and musically precise.

"When I do a solo album, I write for myself," says Sully. I like to explore different kinds of music that work together. I stopped categorizing a long time ago." A personal, confessional, raw work which takes yet another stylistic left-hand turn from the music he has created as frontman for the multi-platinum rock band GODSMACK, "Hometown Life" offers a wide-ranging glimpse of Erna's eclectic musical tastes — from the singer-songwriter Billy Joel/Bruce Springsteen narratives of the title track and the bossa nova touch of "Take All of Me" to the breezy island feel of "Your Own Drum", the finger-snapping Motown bass lines of the bluesy "Turn It Up", the country flavors of "Different Kind Of Tears" and the wide-screen canvas of mini-symphonies "Blue Skies" and "Forever My Infinity".

For "Hometown Life", Sully worked with thesame musicians from "Avalon" with the exception of percussionist Niall Gregory.

On two of the songs — "Different Kind Of Tears" and "Your Own Drum" — Sully collaborated with Nashville-based tunesmith Zac Malloy, who has also written for Carrie Underwood, Tim Mc Graw, Jake Owen, Skillet and Daughtry.

In the year 1993 he made his the very first recording and simultaneously started his professional success across the music field of industry.

Sully previously willing to be an actor he also joined a very popular acting institute for pursuing his career within the acting but he changed his mind set and went across the musical industry.If only we could introduce some Nazis into this equation to build character! Report This Page Salvatore Paul “Sully” Erna was born in February 7, 1968 who is currently known as Sully Erna.I'm just happy to be blessed with a gift that enables me to channel this stuff and vent it through my music." "Hometown Life" does just that, revealing sides of Sully Erna only hinted at in GODSMACK, "That's the whole point," he explains."The people who have followed me and can appreciate it, I encourage them to explore. That's when I write, when something affects me emotionally, happy or sad." "For all those things we've ever done/Give us our chance to prove our love," sings Sully on the album's closing track "Falling To Black".They can really pull off anything I ask of them." With Sully on piano, acoustic guitar and the stray bongo, "Hometown Life" was also a family affair, with his 71-year-old father Salvatore — who helped nurture his son's own musical interest early on — playing trumpet on "Turn It Up".

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