Updating psp software pc

For those of you who are new to the concept of hacked PSPs, custom firmware might not sound so familiar. Homebrew is software developed by the user community.Enabling this homebrew makes the PSP an open platform.

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If your PSP crashes, do a hard reboot and try again. Sony didn’t like this though, so they made sure this wasn’t possible with all next releases and/or firmwares.

At one moment, you’ll get an error message as shown below. You’ll also be able to view the files contained within the folder now. Go to Game - Memory Stickâ„¢ and open the installer (1.50DDfor TA-079~081FW2.80PSP). I only suggest this method if you actually own this game, don’t go running to the store to get a copy.

Leaks were exploited and one after the other, the firmwares fell.

Up to today, neither of the groups have given up, but it is obvious who is winning.

Next time we’ll talk about a way to downgrade and unbrick each and every PSP (you need another PSP for it, though).

Check Memory Stickâ„¢ and open ‘PSPâ„¢ Update ver 3.50’.

Therefore, for all the speedreaders out there: So we want to install a custom firmware (m33 to be exact).

Sadly, we’ll need to have firmware 1.50 to install.

Now, go to Game - Memory Stickâ„¢ and open ‘PSPâ„¢ Update ver 1.50’ You’ll see an error at the end of the update. Congratulations, you’ve now got Firmware 1.50, Memory Stickâ„¢ and open ‘PSPâ„¢ Update ver 2.80’. Move the contents from the MS_ROOT folder to your PSPs root (this is the main folder). PBP and move it to X: PSPGAMEUPDATE (with X: being your psp). Open the 2.80 Easy Downdater installation file and select your PSP’s root. First we’re going to need to patch the files with e Loader.

This method also uses the tiff exploit, which enables small pieces of code to be run through tiff files. Also move the contents of the ta82MS_ROOT folder to your PSP’s root. First of all, we’re going to activate HEN (Homebrew ENabler). At the end of the installation, you’ll be prompted to press X, after which your PSP will restart. To do so, go to Photo - Memory Stickâ„¢, and hold the start button while hovering over the e Loader folder. If so, just do a hard reboot by holding the power switch and try again.

A little déjà vu here, the hacker community did it again!


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