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who was based in Los Angeles, departed the company.

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However, the features were often buggy and slow as there was insufficient testing, measuring, and iterating.

Danah Boyd, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, noted of social networking websites that Myspace and others were a very peculiar business—one in which companies might serially rise, fall, and disappear, as "Influential peers pull others in on the climb up—and signal to flee when it's time to get out".

By 2004, it was transitioned from a file storage service to a social networking site.

A friend, who also worked in the data storage business, reminded Chris De Wolfe that he had earlier bought the domain My

Initially, the emergence of Facebook did little to diminish Myspace's popularity; at the time, Facebook was targeted only at college students.

At its peak, when News Corp attempted to merge it with Yahoo! Since then, Myspace has seen a continuing loss of membership, and there are several suggestions for its demise, including the fact that it stuck to a "portal strategy" of building an audience around entertainment and music, whereas Facebook and Twitter continually launched new features to improve the social-networking experience. Gittelman suggested that the 0 million three-year advertisement deal with Google, while being a short-term cash windfall, was a handicap in the long run.

Within 10 days, the first version of Myspace was ready for launch, implemented using Cold Fusion.

A complete infrastructure of finance, human resources, technical expertise, bandwidth, and server capacity was available for the site.

Boyd compared the shift of white, middle-class kids from the "seedy" Myspace to the "supposedly safer haven" of Facebook, to the "white flight" from American cities; the perception of Myspace eventually drove advertisers away as well.


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