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But it’s just a company trying to make some money.” Jenny shook her head. I can never understand why some people think it matters whether it’s the government doing it to you or a company. Remember, it managed to topple three countries’ governments just because they dared to ban Centillion within their borders.” “Those were repressive places—” “Oh, right, and you live in the land of the free.

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It was as if they already knew everything there was to know about each other. I have a coupon.” “Tilly,” he said, “please stop monitoring and terminate auto-suggestions.” “Are you sure? ” She said nothing and avoided looking into his eyes. *** “You’re being very antisocial tonight,” Tilly said. I just didn’t like how you were interfering with everything.” “I have every confidence you would have enjoyed the rest of the date had you followed my advice.” Sai drove on in silence. I’ve plotted the optimum amount of consumption you should engage in daily.” “Tilly, I just want to go home and sleep. Sai had been feeling restless, had wanted to do something strange. The mesh on the walls basically makes my apartment into a Faraday cage, so cellular signals can’t get through. “If that’s all true, why did you turn Tilly off tonight? I ask you again: If life with Tilly is so wonderful, why did you turn her off tonight? “Years ago, they caught Centillion’s traffic-monitoring cars sniffing all the wireless traffic from home networks on the streets they drove through.

There were no surprises, no thrill of finding the truly new. As Sai’s mind wandered, there was a lull in the conversation. Gaps in sharing can cause your profile to be incomplete—” “Yes, please cease.” With a beep, Tilly turned herself off. Can you shut yourself off for the rest of the night? But he now regretted his decision to accept her invitation to come in. Jenny closed the door and reached up and plucked the earpiece out of Sai’s ear. But I don’t feel comfortable around a Centillion phone until I can put a few layers of shielding around it.” “I’m just going to say it. Centillion also used to override the security settings on your machine and track your browsing habits before they shifted to an opt-in monitoring policy designed to provide better ‘recommendations.’ Do you think they’ve really changed?

But it proved too difficult to force employees to keep their personal calendars and recommendations rigidly separate from work ones, and once the partners started to violate the rules and use Tilly for work, IT had to support them.

And Centillion had then pledged that they would encrypt all corporate-derived information in a secure manner and never use it for competitive purposes—only to give better recommendations to employees of Chapman Singh.

” “I don’t want Tilly to have any of my social graph.” Sai rolled his eyes. ” “That’s not the point—” “Yeah, yeah, civil liberties, freedom, privacy, blah blah blah . ” Just because you want to live in the dark ages doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of ubiquitous computing. “Freak,” he muttered, expecting Tilly to chime in from his phone earpiece with some joke to cheer him up. *** Having Tilly around was like having the world’s best assistant: — “Hey Tilly, do you remember where I kept that Wyoming filing with the weird company name and the F merger from maybe six months ago?

” — “Hey Tilly, can you get me a form for Section 131 Articles?

Tilly had woken him right at the end of a light sleep cycle, the optimal time. The break up afterwards was awful, of course, but it helped that Tilly had guided him through it. ” “You are scheduled to attend the kickoff meeting for the Davis case at eleven, which means you’ll get a lunch paid for by the firm. But I suggest you go to this new smoothie place along the way instead—I can get you a coupon code.” “But I really want coffee.” “Trust me, you’ll love the smoothie.” Sai smiled as he turned off the shower. You always know best.” *** Although it was another pleasant and sunny morning in Las Aldamas, California—68 degrees Fahrenheit—Sai’s neighbor Jenny was wearing a thick winter coat, ski goggles, and a long, dark scarf that covered her hair and the rest of her face.

He felt great: refreshed, optimistic, ready to jump out of bed. “Tilly, that’s an inspired choice for a wake-up song.” “Of course,” Tilly spoke from the camera/speaker in the nightstand. ” The voice, though electronic, was affectionate and playful. “Remember to wear the new shoes today,” Tilly now spoke to him from the camera/speaker in the ceiling. He felt that he had matured emotionally, and after a month on his own, was ready to start a new relationship. I suggest you go light on the breakfast, maybe just a banana.” Sai was excited. “I thought I told you I didn’t want that thing installed,” she said as he stepped out of his apartment.

I know just the place.” Sai realized that though he hadn’t been aware of it until just then, he did suddenly have a craving for something sweet and delicate. Don’t you want to be sure we don’t make silly mistakes on a first date? “Let’s try to think of something to do without Tilly. “You’re back early.” He almost didn’t recognize her; this was the first time he’d heard her voice without the electronic filter she normally used. The wireless transmissions were floating in public space, for example, so there was no violation of privacy.

We’re both busy, and Tilly—” “I know what Tilly can do. And the end user agreement could be read to allow everything Centillion did to ‘make things better’ for you.

Second, these days, how do you get your news except through Centillion?


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