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“She went to sex stores to buy sex toys.”Miranda Barbour also detested individuals who were obese, Vaneyll said.“She hated them a fiery passion,” she said.

La Ferrara weighed more than 275 pounds and stood more than 6 feet tall.“It sounds harsh, but she would always talk about it,” Vaneyll said.

“They were only supposed to come up for his birthday and stay for that.

Sex dating in barbours pennsylvania

“She even cooked Thanksgiving dinner.”Days earlier, Miranda Barbour posted “Happy holidays to me” and flashed a photo of her new $800 wedding band on her Facebook page. They never said a word.”Police believe Miranda Barbour took La Ferrara’s wallet after he was stabbed.

Miranda Barbour earned money as a companion for unhappy males and brought in as much as $850 per meeting, Elytte Barbour told The Daily Item last week, a day after his new wife had been arrested on homicide charges in La Ferrara’s death.

“When we first heard about this and saw Miranda in the newspaper, I didn’t think anything of it. When I saw about Elytte, on a scale of 1 to 10, it blew off the charts.”Police say Elytte Barbour was hidden under a blanket in the back of the Honda sport utility vehicle that night.

Upon a signal from his wife after she and La Ferrara reached Sunbury, Elytte allegedly hooked a cable around La Ferrara’s neck.

Vaneyll and Miranda struck up a friendship and all three began to socialize frequently. But by the following March, Vaneyll and Elytte Barbour had begun to argue often and were heading for a breakup.“We had stupid fights,” Vaneyll said. There were rumors he was cheating on me with (Miranda).

But as far as I know, those two didn’t get together until June of 2013.”Still, the trio remained friends, said Vaneyll, adding, “I know Miranda (Barbour) loved sex and sexual things.

Elytte Barbour looked around the corner from The Daily Item, down Second Street to the county prison.“That’s where she is at right now, and I can’t get to her,” he said.

“I love her and will defend her innocence in all of this. She is my wife.”By then, Miranda Barbour had surrendered at the Selinsgrove state police barracks and admitted she stabbed La Ferrara 20 times and left him for dead in that Sunbury alley off Catawissa Avenue.

That’s when Miranda Barbour began to knife La Ferrara, police said.

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