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Knowing the customer by understanding some of the above data points – what’s important to them and the metrics they care most about – is the right first step.But actually applying those metrics to how you manage and grow the relationship is just as crucial.

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Here are 5 Customer Success secrets you can start to implement into your company’s Customer Success strategy today: 1.

Know Your Customer’s Goals & KPIs Understanding your customers inside and out should be your first step in cultivating a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

Here’s a start: Spending time to go deep and truly understand your customers is a core foundation of your Customer Success team.

And once you find out this information, you then must record this intel and truly understand it: the opportunities, the threats, the dynamics, the preferences, and so on.

You just get that high and you’re convinced: they’re your soulmate. Thinking about soulmates and being obsessed with limerence is very romantic. It’s the idea that “If I find the perfect person I won’t have to fight, change or do any work.” And that leads to the problem with limerence…It just doesn’t last.

Here’s Jonah: Dorothy Tennov, who’s done most of the research on limerence, found again and again and again that limerence doesn’t pan out. Going into a long-term relationship focused on limerence leads to disappointment.

This means establishing relationships with every person that’s associated with your business, whether the decision-making level or the influencer-level.

What kind of questions should you ask in order to get to know their goals and KPIs – what should you seek to know about each of these individuals?

Retaining and growing customer accounts is one of the most important aspects of your Saa S business.


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