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Small, interstitial green spaces along the water’s edge make the landscape hospitable and welcoming—something that couldn’t be said about harsh concrete seawalls, tagged with graffiti that hasn’t touched Metamorphous.A week or two ago, I noticed this hot new Latina bombshell reporting for ET here in Los Angeles.

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“We had to do something to protect their property, and to provide a solution that would be sustainable,” says Vikas Tanwar, the project’s lead designer.

Calling a landscape architect to design a seawall isn’t the most intuitive choice.

It’s a vaguely biomorphic shape, but still crisp and mathematical, a sharp, thoughtful contrast to the scrubby grasses and tide-polished stones on the beach.

Metamorphous won a design award this September from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Landscape renovations connect it to an adjacent public park.

Families picnic on the beach and sunbathe on the boulders.

The project began in December 2012, when Vancouver was pounded with record-high tides resulting from twice-yearly waves caused by the overlapping gravitational pull of the sun and moon combined with a chance storm surge.

These “king tides”gnawed away at the earth that grounded one home’s seaside patio and deck, washing 10 feet of the property into the ocean and leaving it cantilevered over a wave-battered beach.

Its concrete and steel structure protects homes on the English Bay coastline.

Plantings and strategically placed boulders create a more porous edge, slowing the flow of water and the deposit of sediment, and building up a new sand beach.

The wall, 13 feet tall at its western end and six feet at its eastern edge, was originally meant to protect two adjacent lots owned by Sali and Diaz.

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