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Only Arab/Muslim Countries Where He doesn’t Have Business Interests Have Been Banned.

Since the movement entails a number of different beliefs and views on various topics, it is difficult to label the whole movement decisively as “biblical” or “unbiblical.” Each claim and belief of any movement should be filtered through the Word of God, and whatever does not line up with Scripture should be rejected.

The Bible is replete with instructions to “visit orphans and widows in their distress” (James , NASB) and to protect the environment that God has entrusted to us (Genesis ).

We are also, in the process, destroying the chance of our future generations to live happily and well on this green-blue planet.

I have no desire to hear about moving to another planet- to me that is the response of a spoiled child who didn’t care for his toy, broke it and now wants to get another one.

This is our home, this is the incredible, miraculous gift we have been provided.

This gift includes plant medicine, food, shelter, water, beauty, art, music, clean air, resources to warm and protect our body, adventure, and Spirit manifested.

Insofar as Progressive Christianity is a movement that seeks to emphasize and honor these principles, it certainly lines up with Scripture.

However, there are some aspects of Progressive Christianity that contradict a biblical worldview.

As humans we have the final piece to the puzzle – the awareness to both appreciate it as well as nurture it."Read Deshna Ubeda's article, "It is Time for Us to Do Our Part," here: Q Personal transformation occurs every time you enter into nature and stop to delight in its inherent divinity.

World transformation occurs when we serve and protect our earth home.

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