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The applications to which Free BSD can be put are truly limited only by your own imagination.From software development to factory automation, inventory control to azimuth correction of remote satellite antennae; if it can be done with a commercial product then it is more than likely that you can do it with Free BSD too!In addition to the fine work provided by CSRG, the Free BSDProject has put in many thousands of hours in fine tuning the system for maximum performance and reliability in real-life load situations.

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Each chapter begins with a succinct synopsis that describes what the chapter covers and what the reader is expected to already know.

This is meant to allow the casual reader to skip around to find chapters of interest.

In 2003-2004, Free BSD Mall, Inc, paid several contributors to improve the Handbook in preparation for the third printed edition. The following chapter covers various aspects of the Free BSDProject, such as its history, goals, development model, and so on.

After reading this chapter, you will know: computers. You can also read about the history of Free BSD, or the current release.

Covers the methods users may take to update their system to the latest security release.

Provides detailed instructions and example configuration files to set up your Free BSD machine as a network filesystem server, domain name server, network information system server, or time synchronization server.The third section, Explains the differences between Free BSD-STABLE, Free BSD-CURRENT, and Free BSD releases.Describes which users would benefit from tracking a development system and outlines that process.If you are interested in contributing something to the Project (code, hardware, funding), see the Contributing to Free BSD article.Free BSD is based on the 4.4BSD-Lite release from Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) at the University of California at Berkeley, and carries on the distinguished tradition of BSD systems development.The latest version of this book is available from the Free BSD web site. The book can be downloaded in a variety of formats and compression options from the Free BSD FTP server or one of the numerous mirror sites.

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