Jennifer aniston and jim carrey dating

We've come to know and love Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in the US sitcom Friends.

On the big screen, it's been rather more hit and miss, with romantic comedies like She's The One, and The Object Of My Affection doing little to showcase her strengths - and let's not even get started on Rock Star.

It wasn't until The Good Girl, which debuted at last year's Sundance Film Festival, that Aniston garnered real critical praise.

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which is a good sign cameras are already rolling on the long-anticipated (almost 20 years now) 'Dumb and Dumber To'...

Then again, they could just be lost in a trailer park. awesome." However, Daniels did admit the pressure is on to top the comedic genius of the first film.

It is midday in late September, and Aniston is picking her way through the site. The handles on her office door are enormous bronze mudras hands from Thailand.

I am standing in the midst of the dust and chaos—the clattering hammers, the buzzing saws—of the massive construction project that is Jennifer Aniston’s sprawling new Beverly Hills home. As we take a tour, Aniston points out a bathroom that looks as if it were designed for Wilt Chamberlain.

You've grown synonymous with your character on Friends, so are you conscious of bringing that baggage to the big screen?

This part I've done for ten years, it will be hard to get that out of peoples' minds whenever they see anything else that I do because it's been a consistent character that I've played. I'll just do my job as good as I can and hopefully that will go away."I know every word to Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers and Anchorman," she said.Fans of the original film were excited to find out Daniels and Carrey would be reuniting once again.Carrey teased his Who Say followers with a photo of the "Dumb and Dumber" duo on set posted on Sept. "Jim posted a Who Say pic of himself and Jeff Daniels -- aka Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne -- attempting to read Jim's new children's book called, 'How Roland Rolls,'" TMZ reports."It looks like they're standing in between their trailers on the movie set ...‘s seventh season, held hands while leaving the theater. The two called it quits last April after a five-year relationship.

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