Half asian half white dating

Athlone the first girl in the pics you posted is mad fly. I always think its strange when a girl won't mess with ANY guys of the same ethnicity.That's like saying you hate your people or skin color. In conclusion, treat them like you would any other attractive girl. As a (kinda) hapa guy, the race opener works wonders for me on females hapas.

Just game them like white girls (cause that's what they are inside) and ignore their race. The first girl I can say I was truly infatuated with was half Polish and Chinese.

She's probably the one that kicked off that general preference.

The upper tier of hapa girls will discriminate on looks so dress the part. I'm convinced half white half asians are the hottest broads on earth. I hooked up with this hapa gymnast I met about a year ago.

But yes, they hate it when white or black guys use it.

We have a lot of half Asian mixes in Vancouver, comes with the monsterous influx of Asians in general.

I find that the full Asian crowd tends to stick to their own a lot more and the ones that do stray tend to lean white guys.

That's like saying you hate your people or skin color. Matter of fact, all the Asian betas that pop up occasionally need to take a trip down here and take notes from the Asian gangsters.

I don't know if that's a west coast thing or what, because most of the ones down here stick with Asian dudes. Those boys always have some fiiiine Asian girls with them.

If you're a tall (6' ), decent looking white guy, you should be able to absolutely kill it with asians and Latinas.

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