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Researching and documenting all known Culpeppers, Culpepers and Colepepers. Also features an illustrated overview and descendens of the key individuals associated with the Cole Potteries in Tottenham, UK.Includes worldwide family tree, archives, historical stories, biographies, research contacts, family album and general news and information. Ancestral history of Michael Richard Clouse born 1954 in Port Huron, Saint Clair County, Michigan, USA.

Ancestors of Stanley George Camp as compiled by Rosemary B. Also features surname study tracing the lineages that originate from Essex, ENG.

Includes marriages, research registration, message board and associated links.

Descendants of John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay Cooper who settled next to a basin off the Blackwater River, east of Milton, Florida in 1856.

Includes family histories, photographs, charts, maps and documentation.

Descendants of Jessie Emma Cumpston Baker, from New England and Canada to Wisconsin and California.

Includes surnames Stevens, Wilson, Vanderpool, Browns, Slater, Chisholm, Yuill, Vanderpool and Chandler.Provides a record of the 480 plus burials at the cemetery.Also features the family history of Robert Combs (b.1827) and wives Edna Elizabeth Campbell and Famie Dixon.Includes related the related surnames Carver, Foster, Gilleland, Graham, Milam, Morrison, Smith, Stephens, Young and Wehunt. Some of the surnames featured include Blanton, Champion, Glover, Daniel, Hester, Leddon, Mc Swain, Strickland, Trammell, Vaughan and Young.Ancestral history of Tony Curness including the descendants of Edward Curniss (b.1791) in St Leonards, Shoreditch, UK. Dedicated to the memory of Ceridwen Robyn (Kerry) Curness, nee Roberts. Documenting the ancestry and general interests of Janice and Brien Cushman.Free-Genealogy News: Read news releases and articles concerning the latest Online family records: Daily News Stories Latest Databases Search over 600 Historical Databases Search for Genealogy records online!


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  2. Some pieces are marked with "C" for the cruise collection, others have a "V" but those are less common than the larger spring and fall collections.

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