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Jan 14th Dallas, TX Jan 15th Houston, TX Feb 11th Las Vegas, NV Feb 19th 5pm Chicago, IL Feb 25th San Diego, CA Mar 4th Tampa, FL Mar 11th New Orleans Mar 19th Denver, CO Mar 25th Baltimore, MD Mar 26th Pittsburgh Apr 1st San Antonio, TX Apr 2nd Austin, TX Apr 8th 4pm Sioux Falls, SD January 25th is Tatiana Day, an Eastern European religious holiday.

She does have one child and doesn’t mind if her partner has any either.

Anyone looking for a partner who’s honest, caring, and ready to take care of her family should look no further than Galina.

Of course those mature traits go wonderfully with her sense of humor that will have anyone laughing till they cry.

Her interests include; traveling, nature, sports (jogging in the morning and swimming), meeting with friends. Anyone seeking a relationship with Galina should be below the age of 45 and have some similar traits and values.

I like to meet with my friends at home drinking hot tea. Comments: I am looking for a kind-hearted, tender, caring and romantic man.

I believe that in every person as well as in a relationship everything should be harmonic and I always strive for it.

If you have a student or a Tanya in your life make sure she knows you are thinking of her on the 25th!!

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I am loyal, honest and tolerant and I value the same in people.

I am usually good in solving any problems or controversial tasks, acting on an intuitive basis with wise, reasonable mind, open heart and ability to find a compromise.

I am very neat and I love order and cleanness which I eagerly create.


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