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During the two hour trip, we will observe various animals and vegetation. After breakfast our group will explore by boat the National Park of Tortuguero which shelters a fabulous array of wildlife.

There are unusually large populations of monkeys, amphibians, birds, including the great green macaw, fish and three species of marine turtles.

There are three platforms above the canopy, connected by zip lines, a canopy observation tower 72' high and 10 cables system with the longest 1,400 feet.

Before we depart Monteverde we will hike in the reserve for a few hours.

It is considered one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world.

This morning it's time to explore the town and to explore La Fortuna Waterfalls.

Elevation ranges from 600 meters above sea level to 1800 meters on isolated peaks.

Trails are in excellent condition with railings on the steps and in some cases slices of tree trunks creating a lily pond like path to keep people from walking through mud.

After lunch back at the lodge we head into Tortuguero town and the Caribbean Conservation Center.

The town of Tortuguero has a fairly basic life style.

It is a short walk into the forest to the 230' high waterfall.

The steps down to the base are steep but there's a “natural pool” for swimming so bring your suits and a hearty sense of adventure the water is chilly. Our tubing course is about 500 meters long in total but you can choose to run just the lower section which is only about 180 meters and maintains total visibility to our open viewing area to make you feel more comfortable.

Once there we have a short break before a 1.5 hour ride to our hotel in Monteverde.

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