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A new tartan must meet the definition of tartan in the Scottish Register of Tartans Act (2008) and must be a new, unique design.

There has to be a clear link between the person registering the tartan and the proposed tartan name.

Was it a shady Celt who stole some treasure from the Roman invaders, planked it, then forget where he hid it due to a particularly drunken night partying over the thought of all his riches.

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The closest pronunciation is from France – tiretaine – which was a wool and linen mix, however, in the 1600s this referred to a cloth rather than a pattern.

It’s very likely tartan was some kind of camouflage for hunters who stalked game for their dinner as the greens, browns and dark greys were ideal for blending into the countryside.

“We deal with four weavers and it’s an mazing sight to see tartan being made on those massive looms.”“My favourite tartan would have to be Isle of Skye.

I believe it was designed by someone who visited the island and used the colours of the landscape.“I like Thompson Blue as well as that’s the one I wore when I did Highland dancing.”Register a tartan The Scottish Register of Tartans was established by an act of the Scottish Parliament in 2008 to protect, promote and preserve tartan.

Norma said: “Tartans like the Anderson or Buchanan are quite old and colourful tartans, but the more neutral colours are coming back.“Greys are becoming really popular, like Highland Granite or Ancient Patriot, because they can go with bridesmaid dresses or you can wear coloured ties with them.“Weathered tartans are really good and have lots of greens and browns, natural colours and you can wear the likes of brown brogues instead of black ones.“There are literally thousands of tartans because people can make their own which get added to The Scottish Register of Tartans.

“You just need to pick your sett, a big check or a small one, what colours you want and then we would send it to the weavers who would design it for you.However, the ban proved fruitless after a spell and wearing tartan became popular, especially after adventures of Bonnie Prince Charlie became popular in print with the legend decked out in tartan.The highland Society of London managed to have the ban repealed in 1782.Hey ladies, My name is jillian, i am 24 and i am deaf in both ears and i can speak orally too. Been single too long and feel like i need to settle down and be with someone.i am currently looking for a job but having no joy. I'm bit of a romantic at heart, likes to have a laugh, can be serious when I need to be.Such was the association with rowdy Scots, wearing tartan could get you locked up in the 18th century.

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