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By the year 2025, Europe will have made substantial progress regarding the use of biotechnology in the conversion of agricultural feedstock into a wide variety of “fine” clothing and accessories.

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Small online businesses around the world are facing an immense challenge: to respond to economic opportunities and, at the same time, to address increasing environmental pressures.

This survey was created primarily from a review of Romanian small e-business of organic clothing products in order to try to understand the general benefits of their e-customization efforts from a CRM-based perspective.

This procedure resulted in 30 completed interviews from a potential sampling frame of 74 managers, derived between January 2016 and March 2016.

Following, we will provide the discussion and implications for research and practice (30 Romanian small companies which sold organic clothing products between January 2016 and March 2016).

Finally, we will end the paper by providing some conclusions and recommendations for future studies.

According with Kim and Mueller, 1978; Pedhazur, 1997 the F- and t-tests could be too robust and relatively insensitive to violating the assumptions of randomly selecting the subjects, along with the normal distribution of the variables.

But this study was based on a combination of continuous and discrete variables, whose multiple linear regression and factor analysis techniques can be included in the appropriate modules of SPSS.

The economic literature on sustainable fashion (Chinnici et.

al, 2002) environmental friendly clothing is termed as “Organic” clothing and research related to consumer attitudes for organic products is very imperceptible.

The F-test was used to test the statistical significance of relationships determined from the data-reduction process which was based on the Principal Components Analysis and factor-analysis results.


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