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In the cases outlined here, private student loan debt was discharged when the borrowers claimed that their loans were not qualified education loans.

While this might be good news for some people, the criteria (at least in this example) are fairly complicated and likely require a lawyer’s assistance.

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When it does, you have little recourse with private loans other than to apply to refinance, and your approval isn’t guaranteed.

By contrast, federal student loans always stay at the rate at which they were issued.

With that in mind, here’s some of the challenges and solutions for private student loan repayment.

Your best option for relief from private student loan repayment might be to consolidate and refinance your private loans.

So, you might want to take every chance you have to pay off the private loans once and for all.

I’m guessing that at this point in the post you expected a long list of other options, including private student loan forgiveness and a few income-based repayment plans.” It’s not that private student loans aren’t common.In 2007-08, the volume of private student loans issued peaked at .1 billion.In any case, here are the steps to this modified debt snowball strategy: 1.Pay the minimum amount on all student loans other than your private loan with the highest interest rate. Pay all extra possible toward the private student loan that you want to pay off first. Continue to do this each month until the private student loan is paid off. Once this loan is paid off, continue with the next private loan until it’s paid off as well.Unfortunately, these options simply don’t exist at the moment.


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