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Glenn Frey tells the story that the band was very pleased with the album. Well for me this song was addressed to people who have a very high standard for themselves esp. The key issue about this song is not about the person being sentimental or being desperate or being bitter for not having the things he should have (like relationships or commitments).But when brought back the master tape from England, the record company people were aghast. But I think the real issue here is the dilemma of choosing What is right!And when the years goes by he learned that He is not happy about it and he is hurting, so he might be probably thinking, What if he could satisfy his desires by fulfilling his happiness? It was only the title track for their second album and got very little airplay on FM stations (that played non single album tracks).

I recommended that he stay with me, and on my insurance.

The rest of his life, just short of two years, I took care of him as much as he would let me.

He was a true Bohemian in a rebellious age, and I loved that!

I was truly surprised when my older sis sent me the words to this song and said it was about me. To me, this song is about life lived by certain kinds of people.

But he would never "come down from his fences, open the gate."So all of you, if you have someone in your life that loves you, lover, family, friend, do not fence them out!

"You better let somebody love you, before it's too late."In 1976, I left home and moved to a "back to nature" style commune.To me, "A" so complete with everything I want from a woman. Now I return to the previous family with "F", although my wife "F" still loves me like it used to, but because there is no love in it, I keep sad, brooding and tortured myself with all the shadows "A"And now my sorrow, I heard the song Desperado, this song is so penetrated my heart and right for my present condition, I realized my family had left earlier in order to get a woman who I love very much.(lyrics: "Now it seems a fine to me ... Through this world all alone ...")To commemorate her "A" I tattoo on my chest with word "Desperado" as I upload picture on facebook.I requested this be played at my domestic partner's memorial service.There's a reason for the gentleness in the delivery of the lyrics. I love the lyric "Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger" for all the reasons it implies.11 years ago, I had married a woman named "F" and make a family life, has 2 children."Desperado" is possibly at a turning point in his life where some well-meaning, well-timed words might finally open him up to change. My wife "F" loved me, but I don't love her, but I continued to live my life with her because a sense of moral responsibility for my child.The singer feels like "Desperado" is at a place in his life where he will receive the message of this song.


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