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That might have been the end of the story, but the knife and its namesake gained popular acclaim in 1827 when Bowie used it to kill a sword-cane-wielding attacker in a fight near Natchez, Mississippi. Although the weapon used by Bowie in 1827 had a flat back, subsequent knives featured a clip point, or clip blade, which looked as if a concave slice had been taken out of the blade’s spine about two-thirds of the way toward the point from the handle. Many Bowies had what are known as coffin handles, which is perhaps fitting for a knife that put so many people in them.

Subsequent Bowie knives were produced by New Orleans knife maker Daniel Searles, Arkansas blacksmith James Black, and cutlers in Sheffield England, who copied the Black version, marketed it as an “Arkansas toothpick,” and exported it back to the United States. Another 19th-century cutler was John Russell of Massachusetts, whose Green River Knife was carried by tens of thousands of westward immigrants in the 1840s, ’50s, and ’60s.

Some variations like the rondel dagger were strong enough to puncture armour and had no edges at all, essentially an ice pick on steroids.

Another branch in the dagger’s evolutionary tree was the stiletto, whose slender, pointed, double-edged blade made it a stealthy, lethal weapon.

Indeed, a soldier’s knife is a true survival weapon, the last resort when one’s ammunition and good fortune has failed.

During World War II, Ka-Bar knives were carried into battle by members of the Marine Corps, while those in Air Force favored knives made by an Orlando, Florida, cutler named Bo Randall.

Some of these knives, regardless of the manufacturer, were customized by soldiers in the field.

Tweaking a knife’s handle was one of the most common alterations, and while these theater knives are somewhat similar to trench art, for obvious reasons they remained fully functional. Randall Knife Vintage 60's Model 12-11c Confederate Bowie/heiser Sheath Great Vintage Puma 6398 Hunter's Friend Fixed Blade Hunting Knife W Sheath Puma Hunters Pal Stag Knife Wwii Pal / Utica Cutlery M1 Garand / 1903 M1942 Rifle Bayonet & Usn Mk1 Scabbard Vintage Western Field Hatchet/axe Hunting Knife Set Tooled Leather Case Usa Made Puma 6397 Hunters Pal Knife Stag Handles Made In Germany Vintage 1940-65 Case Xx Fixed Blade Stag Handle Hunting Knife Pair W/ Sheath Sheffield Bowie Knife Crookes Parfleche Sheath Trapper Indians Us Soldier Vintage Puma White Hunter Knife With Sheath Made In 1971Rare Unusual Design Stag Antler Handle Webster Marbles M.s.a. Sheath Knife Vintage Puma Hunter's Companion Knife With Sheath Made In 1970 Pre-wwi Springfield 1903 Rifle Ria M1905, 1907 Marked Bayonet & 1906 Scabbard Gerber Command 2 Ii Ii Fighting Knife Knives Collection Puma Solingen Made In Germany Hunting Knife With Sheath Vintage Western States Cut Co Boulder Colo Small Hunting Knife Leather Sheath1971 Puma White Hunter Knife ,stag Handle 6377Vintage Puma Werk 3591 Hunting Knife Stag Stitching Spike Saw Multi Blade Vintage Randall Made Knife ~ Model 3-6~ Brown Button Heiser Sheath Vintage Hackman Survival Knife Vintage Wlm Marbles 4 3/8" Ideal Full Hilt Knife~aluminum Pommel~stacked Leather Vintage 6383 Puma-buddy Fixed Blade 9 1/2" Knife * 1970's Germany‘d’ Guard Bowie Fighting Knife, Old.1930s~western~boulder, Colo.~pat.

Ive seen a lot of theater knives, but i never saw one made from the Western BX-54 (V-44), until now. Very well constructed and a darn nice sheath to boot! Now, thats only the second BX-54 theater knife I ever have seen.

Interesting to note the "S" guard on your knife as well as on one I got a few years back (bottom in photo).

By the Middle Ages, the term dagger had been coined to describe one of the most common types of fixed-blade knives.


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