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Within this thread i want to give small info about the battle of vienna and the air raids on austrian cities, if you doesn't know.

In comparrison with London, Warsaw, Berlin or Budapest, Vienna faced much less desruction, but there were some bombings, damage and destruction, if you think the opposite, vienna was complete untouched.

The focus of this thread is to show pics (and some youtubeclips) First text (you can scroll down if you doesn't like to read) Soviet Vienna-Offensive The offensive lasted from 213 April 1945.

Hello, when watching many european cities and disscusing about the look and history, ww2 can not be outlooked.

Stalingrad, Warsaw, Berlin, Rotterdam, London and Budapest, for example were heavy damaged to almost destroyed.

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We believe a Russian personals service can give you the best chance to meet the perfect partner you are looking for.The military industry even boosted its production, also by use of forced labour of concentration camp inmates and POWs. JPG Putin lays wreath at Soviet memorial in Vienna Occupied from 1945 to 1955 By early 1945 Vienna had already faced 1,800 bombs. So, luckily Vienna and Austria wasn't hit hard as other european cities and countries. Mabuse, Some pics of yours were taken in Budapest instead Vienna Near to Nyugati (West) Station of applied arts from the parliament’s entrance showing the Royal Supreme Court and on the right the Ministry of agriculture.By 15 April, armies of the Soviet 3rd Ukrainian Front pushed even further into Austria.Some of Vienna's finest buildings lay in ruins after the battle.TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS TO CONFIRM THEIR CONT...


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