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A UN agency lists Toronto as second only to Miami as the city with the most foreign-born residents, but Toronto's residents represent far more cultural and language groups, which is arguably a better measure of multi-culturalism.

Most immigrants either pass through Toronto on their way to other parts of the country or stay in Toronto permanently.

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Public transit is not always effective enough for a quick or seamless trip and many suburban residents rely on motor vehicles to get around.

A popular urban myth has it that the United Nations rated Toronto as "the most multicultural city in the world." While the UN and its agencies are not in the habit of rating cities, it remains a fact that Canada is a nation of immigrants, and Toronto demonstrates this abundantly.

Toronto's climate on the whole is on the cool side and variable conditions can be expected.

Downtown temperatures average -3.8°C (25°F) in January, but the extreme cold experienced further north typically lasts less than a week at a time. Winters are still cold and mostly cloudy, at some times snowy and uncomfortably windy and at other times, damp.

One of East York's claims to fame was that, before the amalgamation, it was Canada's only borough.

Scarborough Scarborough has characteristics of a suburb of old Toronto, but retains much of its own character and flavour.

Later in the 19th century, it grew to become the cultural and economic focus of Canada.

Owing largely to the country's liberal immigration policies starting in the 1960s, and the region's strong economy, Toronto has, in recent decades, been transformed into one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world.

Some main thoroughfares do intersect the grid at angles.


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