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Just in case you hadn't noticed , Ukraine is simply brimming with beautiful ladies!

But finding a life partner can be a challenging and time consuming experience.

We provide our customers with high quality services, which in fact is working out a matchmaking plan.

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Similarly, we are providing our clients with recommendations and suggestions to legitimate their expectations, to make their future relationship strong, long lasting, vivid and warm.

As for Kharkov, there are many places where you can enjoy different types of activities: Opera house, museums(Historical Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Folk Art of Slobozhanshina, Museum of Nature, Museum of History of Militia(police), Museum of History of Pivdenna (Southern) Rail Road, Museum of Holocaust, Museum of Literature, Puppet Museum of Kharkiv State Puppet Theatre.), 4 skating-rinks (2 of which are right in the shopping malls), billiards and bowling halls, many cafes and restaurants to fit any taste.

Our Individual Romance Tours are completely different from any other Romance Tours you may find.

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