Dating divorced lizzy

You might not recognize her now, but Rovsek made headlines in 2006 under her maiden name — Lizzie Arnold — when she dated Nick Lachey after his split (but before the divorce!

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Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has not treated Rovsek, told Radar.

PHOTOS: 25 Really Stupid Celebrity Quotes “These types of nose jobs can reduce the appearance of her ethnicity, but has also made her look more elegant. ” Splashed across tabloid covers, Rovsek was the talk of the town at the time “He’s a really great guy,” she told Star magazine at the time, admitting the two had been spending “quality time” together.

As the former Miss Kentucky USA, Rovsek was undoubtedly a looker when she hooked up with the former 98 Degrees crooner, but looks decidedly different while currently starring on the hit Bravo show.

“Her nose appears to be moderately thinned, likely from a rhinoplasty or nose job,” Dr.

It was revealed today that the country star appears to be suffering from severe exhaustion.

On Monday (9-29), Elizabeth Cook’s manager David Macias posted, After coming off a stretch of Elizabeth losing both parents, recently going through a divorce, touring constantly and doing her radio show every day, the pressure of keeping up with everything has left her feeling beyond burnt out.

Somebody should know every f—king thing that's going on.""Well let's just keep it real, we'll keep it real," Christina says before starting to cry.

"Mother Carmen, the woman who was controlling my life for so long, I took control of my life.

Christina is presenting her team with the idea of the We Are Pop Culture performance and fashion show, when CJ tells her she needs someone to oversee her business."You should have someone who understands everything that you have going on so then when some opportunity comes up you have somebody who is all hands on deck," CJ says.

"You gotta figure out who that one is and even if that takes…

After performing at the El Cosmico Trans-Pecos Festival in Marfa, TX over the weekend, Cook was clearly not feeling herself.


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