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Her friends, her family, and even passerby’s may judge her negatively based on this.

You should dress to impress, not only for your image, but for hers too.

This means leaving your wrinkled board shorts and sweaty baseball cap at home, and putting on some nice trousers/jeans and a shirt. A clean-shaven face and proper grooming goes a long way when dating in Thailand.

I’m certain some guys have gone on dates looking terrible and have succeeded at wooing a girl with lame one-liners, but I wouldn’t place my bets on this.

I would also question the quality of girl they dated.

Any Thai lady worth her salt knows class, and having it weighs greatly in your favor when dating in Thailand. As I mentioned in my previous guest post about dating in Thailand, a great way for shy guys to meet women is by having some business cards handy.

This is an opportunity to find out more about your date, see what they are interested in and discover if they were really being themselves on that first date – you can’t keep an act up for long!

If you opted for a dinner and movie combo on your first date, try and get out and about on your second.

However, you are much more likely to have a healthy, happy relationship with someone if you communicate together clearly and honestly.

The moment lies, untruths or fibs get involved, things can only ever end one way. It’s a good rule to have in all your relationships, not just the romantic ones.

The stigma associated with the sexpat has made a lasting impression, especially with the young, and if I can give you one honest piece of advice, it’s this: treat a girl here as you would one back home.

Locals will respect you more for it (and they sure do chatter a lot), and you’ll have a much better emotional experience in the country.

I have to admit, all the disgruntled stories about dating in Thailand had me scared at first.


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