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In the content-heavy world we live in, native advertising offers advertisers a way to reach out to their audience without being overbearing.

Taking into consideration the prevalence of dating brands and the vast number of single people they attract – nearly 50 million people in the U. – these brands are clearly doing something right when it comes to advertising.

Grab a cloaker (I don’t use them but they exist) and an offer that’s known to convert and RACE in with a new campaign today.

Load it up with a new angle that could still lead to a dating offer and you’re in for a gold rush. Try things that would relate to someone who is looking for a date without flat out saying it. There are just a handful of affiliates left that have been white-listed to advertise.

If there’s one area in which native advertising reigns supreme, it’s adapting to its environment and blending in.

Companies like the one I work for, MGID, which create targeted ad campaigns for a number of organisations in different industries, employ this tactic when working with dating brands as well.

If you can find a way to make dating work without it looking like a dating ad you can dominate their CTRs and undercut their CPCs.

You can’t be lazy and just show cleavage anymore – but there are plenty of other things that have been proven by science to get men or women to click. It’s one of the top advertising platforms available – but I decided it was more trouble than it was worth.Whatever the KPIs are, native advertising allows companies to create meaningful interactions with customers, which is the foundation of a successful and efficient conversion cycle.If you haven’t heard about it yet – Facebook just banned all dating affiliates from advertising on their platform.It takes a bit of time to master new sources but it’s worth it. Grab your cloaker and get creative, you’ll probably be more profitable than ever.If you want to instantly improve your life and not suffer the emotional ups and downs of Facebook advertising, find a traffic source that wants your money, master it and enjoy the smooth ride. Should affiliates hit the road or stick around for more punishment? Cleverly capitalising on viewers’ inherent emotional connection with the show’s main characters Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano, the brand was able to leverage its native ad to attract new users.


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