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Clearly some forms of kissing are nonsexual; we kiss our children and our mothers.

But there are some forms of kissing that we reserve exclusively for our wives.

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Of course not, so don’t kiss your girlfriend that way either.

Where so many people today err is in creating a category that fits somewhere between the neighbor relationship and the marriage relationship and this is exactly where the authors want to challenge the reader.

“As far as God is concerned, all unmarried people are bound to the standards of purity he has defined in the neighbor relationship …

We are not sanctioned to invent a new category of male-female relationships, only to remove ourselves from God’s guidelines in the process.” If she isn’t your wife and she isn’t a blood relative, she is your neighbor.

Thus passionate kissing, the kind clearly inappropriate between a brother and sister should be resolved for marriage.

1 Timothy 5:2 appears to back up the authors’ point by explicitly tying together “the familial treatment of the opposite sex with absolute purity,” instructing Timothy to treat “older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.” Would you kiss your sister on the cheek when you say goodbye?

Then kiss your girlfriend on the cheek when you say goodbye.

Would you give your sister a long and passionate kiss before you walk away?

While the reasons for God’s ban are not made clear to us, the command is: “no sexual activity is to occur between blood relatives.” .

A second category of male-female relationship is the marriage relationship and here God commands that there must be sexual relations (see 1 Corinthians 7:3-5). This category uses the term “neighbor” as Jesus did, to include all those who are not blood relatives and not a spouse.

God’s guidelines for sexual expression between blood relatives evolved over time.


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