Best online dating sites for muslims

As a paid member, though, you get many additional perks such as the ability for members to reply to messages you send them.This is unlike most other Muslim dating sites, where usually only paid members can communicate with each other.

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There are many men on it that are womanizers, looking only to have fun.

You will find them on number of different sites, actively pursuing others while building a relationship with you.

Muslima is a horrible site because of the quality of the members. My point is, since we're here complaining, there must be some at Muslima who feel the same, well, very few I know, but they are there, so not ALL of the men and women there are liars adn losers. Men and women here hardly meet, so I need the online thing.

If there is a better site that you recommend please let me know.

It sickens me that people like that would choose women from this site, when there are thousands of Non-religious based dating sites that they can go to get their kicks! Then I got a message saying that I have to send them my governmental ID and my real name.

This is a dating website and you don't know those people .

2016) have had over 5 million members registered since launch.

At any given time there are usually thousands of members online actively looking for single Muslim women and men.

You don't know these people At last, you can deal with this website but you should be in safe side. Am sure there are many people waiting to meet that special person but Controls everything and they dont allow you to send messages or chat without paying, its disapointing. When I ordered services again to see the messages, the person only sent me one message that was 3 words long.

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