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(The minute you break up the engagement, marriage, etc. It is always the chase that keeps me going but don't let me catch you bc I'll dump your ass so fast!

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Remember that the alpha male is incredibly charming and sweet, and he can sweep you off your feet in the time it takes to ask you for a date. Stay cool and tell him that you have to look at your calendar.

Tell him that you have a date for that evening already (hopefully, you do.) Tell him that you need to think about it. RULE #2: PLAY HARD TO GET He is accustomed to fighting for what he wants and usually winning it.

This is where playing hard to get is vitally important. He loves to be challenged, and that's exactly what you are doing.

By being unavailable to him, you make yourself more of a mystery. By the time you do say yes to that date, he will have the flush of victory -and that feeling is enough to hook the alpha male on you. RULE #3: REMEMBER WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO Since most things with alpha males are very temporary at first, know what you are getting into when you decide to date one.

Actors who portray these alpha male characters often take years of classes and become masters of their craft.

Because of that, actors display optimum body language, eye contact, voice tone etc…The following list of characters are the best ones to get acquainted with.But eventually, he will get jealous of the other guys you are dating, and he WILL come back.(That is if you haven’t gotten sick of him before he does.) RULE #4: LOOK FOR SIMILAR GOALS Is all of this really worth it, you ask? But before you actually fall in love with the alpha male, here are a few things to consider. If he is an attorney who is looking to build his own practice, remember that he will be focused on his job for at least the next decade.That might mean that your goal of having a husband and children in a few years might not actually work with this guy. Believe me, if the chemistry is there-he will act very fast!But if you are a go-getter yourself and want to build your career even further before settling down, this might be a good guy to date. Otherwise it is a rollercoaster waiting game and YOU will end up in a terrible marriage because he will feel that he was tricked into marrying you and ended up settling.HE will play it cool and say that's fine, then saunter away as if he has already forgotten about you. He might be used to seeing women fall for him every single day.


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  4. I think this movie did SO much in the way of allowing people to get a little more used to the idea that love comes in all shapes sizes and colors, and that it also comes with problems, depending on the type of relationship.

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