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Ok Cupid has conducted its own studies on profile pictures belonging to female users (with their consent), finding that attractive women do indeed get plenty of messages, but that "guys tend to ignore girls who are merely cute." They also found that in some cases, the more variance there is among male users' view of a woman's picture, the more attention the woman receives.

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A 2002 study that surveyed more than 500 users of Usenet (an early kind of internet forum) about their online relationships found that people who revealed their true self online were more likely than others to form close online relationships, and these relationships were more likely to persist once they met face-to-face.

Still, that doesn't mean people don't exaggerate their best qualities a little.

In his study, Millward, a writer and author, used dating website Ok Cupid to create 10 dummy accounts for five women and five men. K., was, "Is online dating a different experience for men than it is for women?

The question he set out to answer with his experiment, which he ran in the U. "He used profile pictures varying in degrees of attractiveness, with "attractiveness" based off his own opinion.

We've all done it — relied on that one photo where we look amazing instead of uploading any realistic images of ourselves.

And while it can be tempting to present only the parts of yourself you think more people will like, research suggests it's better to be upfront.Online dating can be empowering, with thousands of potential dating partners just a few clicks away.But it can also be daunting, leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the choices and underwhelmed with the process.But your date is less likely to work out if your real self is too different from the version you put online.Providing a good description of yourself is important, but don't forget to also write about what you'd want in your ideal partner.While some people find the cycle of online dating to be "hellish," the number of users continues to rise.

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