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The show lasted five seasons, and even managed a few spin-offs including a failed American pilot.All in all it helped make athlete’s significant others a more mainstream topic. For those not familiar, it’s an acronym for Wives And Girlfriends.To annoy both sides of the Atlantic, I will continually alternate between calling the sport football and soccer.

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If conjures visions of a woman who is a particular sort of predator and whose sole purpose in life is to bag a rich footballer and live to excess off the back of his income.

Stereotypical characteristics of a WAG include notably fake tans, extraordinarily large sunglasses, expensive boutique fashion, and a compulsion to live life in the public eye.

Significant Other: dated Cristian Chivu (Inter Milan) This Romanian model and television hostess got her start by winning the prestigious International Elite Model Look Contest.

Since that time she’s been twice voted the sexiest woman in Romania, so she’s doing something right.

But I’ll admit that she just doesn’t do it for me looks wise. However, she has a number of supporters, and I simply couldn’t leave her off this ranking.

The picture above is from her Lynx campaign (with the questionable ad slogan “Unleash the Man Leather”), where she did her best Raquel Welch cavewoman impression.

In order to maintain her slim figure she supposedly does without fat, pork, and many breads. Doesn’t she know that you don’t win friends with salad?

Like any good WAG, she’s done television hosting as well, presiding over the first two seasons of Big Brother in Romania.

Significant Other: fiancée of Joe Cole (Chelsea) Zucker literally means sugar in German, and Carly certainly looks sweet.

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