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Crew Chief Glesner "Weck" Weckbacher would not take part in the Christmas festivities of 1944 as he sat on a case of ammunition until dark while waiting for his pilot to return.

In 1942 Donald Emerson was a 19-year-old North Dakota boy who chose military service over farming.

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By the end of 1943 he was ready for combat flying as a fighter pilot in a P-51 Mustang.

Blakeslee--one of the finest air commanders in WWII.He had no distinct visual contact plus R/T contact with only some of his group as he took on six E/A - Outnumbered by six Fw 190 german fighters, Capt.It has a little sign in the cockpit which says - 'Do not exceed air speed of 500 M.The adult social network site where you can watch and interact with live girls 24 hours a day.We reward our cam girls every day by scoring their shows and giving prizes to the top winners.He managed to shoot down two of them, but as he crossed enemy lines flying close to the ground, he was struck by flak from anti- aircraft guns.

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