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My husband really hasn't heard of that ufti thing (neither has his Egyptian living sister for example, had this marriage there who married another egyptian), but when I read around it seems it may be either a religious thing before God/Allah (but not recognised legally and she has no financial rights etc) or something that some (not saying him) do to ease their conscience so that they can have intimate relations (unmarried sex is illegal in Egypt and haram in Islam). My husband is a lovely, lovely man and I knew him over a long period before marriage, but I do know of a friend of mine who fell into deep water with an Egyptian she met there who used her and got really hurt. Of course, I know nothing to be able to judge - not at all, and your friend will know if his intentions are good or bad. As the proverb: "The truth shall set you free" Thanks for your info I am verry worried for a friend who has met someone for half a day in Egypt has since been over again for 4 day and come home saying she is married and they have exchanged rings??For him to have relations with her if she is married is illegal in Egypt and would have a strong penalty for him in law (maybe this is why?? For example, to stay together in a hotel in Egypt - for an Egyptian - you have to show a marriage certificate to prove you're married. ) we had to show a marriage certificate for him to be allowed to book a room! But I hope she sorts her life out here first to make things more straightforward or it might get messy in the future. I am just very confused and worried as her family are now turning their backs on her x She is also still married in the Uk but seperated x Joanne, Listen, she cannot be married in the UK and get a legal marriage in Egypt!

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My husband is Egyptian-born and we've never heard of this.

A quick google though shows that it's some kind of marriage that is not recognised legally - at least here and I think there.

I don't fully know what Orfy is except for googling as I just knew from my husband that this is not a normal marriage (he has still never heard of it! in short its not worth the paper its written on , hence i would believe the british authority would not honor it so he has absolutely no rights over her or her son .

its really sad as a lot of men con women (egyptians and non egyptians) into this just to get l*** No , NO and NO.

But of course, legally she is still married in law - recognised here and there - so she needs to get that sorted before anything for herself. As I said before, the Muslim thread might be able to help you... tell your friend not to get an orfy marriage, it's very uncommon in Egypt and it's an unofficial, non-registered marriage and it doesn't guarantee the wife's legal rights.

That ufti thing is not classed legally as a marriage so it wouldn't be bigamy (I think) but still not too right I guess (just my opinion). In an orfy marriage, a woman is not entitled to alimony or pension, has no judicial protection without official recognition by her spouse, and must file a legal petition to establish her children's parentage!!! If she's getting married in Cairo, there's a so called "marrying foreigners'" department and only that one is official. orfy marriage is common when the guy wants to sleep with a woman and not to be prosecuted if caught sleeping outside marriage. and orfy marriage is temporary as far as I've heard. orfy marriage is common when the guy wants to sleep with a woman and not to be prosecuted if caught sleeping outside marriage. and orfy marriage is temporary as far as I've is serious matter really, so I prefer the person to feel offended rather than not knowing the truth and get into a nasty trap, go thru courts and long suffering, don't you agree?

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If he's not devout, he might be trying to have his cake and eat it a bit with his conscience? There is a Muslim thread somewhere (faith section), I think it's called Assalamu Alaikom (but not sure) but maybe if you post on there, the muslim ladies there may be able to answer you?

'Urfi (Arabic: عرفي) comes from the Arabic word 'Urf, which means custom, convention, or a customary act.

I wonder if Ufti is classed as making things for him legal there?? the legal one (not Orfy) requires a document stating the woman is not married!


  1. You must have heard it said; There is of course nothing inherently wrong with dating a non-Christian.

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