Chat room that will give me sexy dares

Alrighty, let’s learn some fun and dirty truth or dare questions…I’ve divided truth or dare into 2 sections, dirty truth questions and dirty dares.

Chat room that will give me sexy dares-5

- Extra Credit - Try to masturbate at least once an hour - *with something in the house that you probably wouldn't think of masturbating with.* Try it with different things like (Girls) the TV remote, pens, jewelry, etc. Wear a skirt (guys-pants/shorts) with nothing under. So i dare you to so at least at five different places! In front of a non-romantic friend of the opposite sex, remove all your clothing, using just the hand towel to preserve your modesty. When you're naked, you friend can leave the room so that you can get dressed again. Perhaps a mall or an outdoor terrace, somewhere where you can be easily seen.

Every time you sit down, make sure that you sit on your bare butt. As you're walking, suddenly stop and break into song.

Make sure to think up of some of your own too that apply to your own relationship. You can play dirty truth or dare with just 2 people or if you are feeling more adventurous, then try playing it with other couples. There is way more to a fun and exciting relationship with your man than just these dirty truth or dare questions.

Make sure to check out the sex tips section as well as the huge sex positions section for ideas, inspiration and tips on having great sex with your man.

Reach in, leave your hand there as long as you dare to, and try go get it back out without him/her noticing. You might also want to wait until he/she is very distracted.

Victim must be blindfolded, bound, stripped down to underwear and brought to isolated room.

If you want to learn more on talking dirty, like how to use it to keep your man attracted then you will probably want to watch this dirty talking instructional video.

I put together this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you.

Get two slices of bread, take them and put them down the back of your underwear with one stuck to each butt cheek.


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