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When the group is ready, a person is selected to start and ask a player the first "Truth or Dare." This is done by picking a player (sometimes by choice, sometimes by random) and asking them "truth or dare?

" The player receiving a question, which is made-up by the asker.

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We also ask that you help us rate the questions and dares.

After you have entered your optional description, please specify whether the question or dare was "good" or "bad." We use these ratings to cycle out dares that are not popular.

Games can range from funny to serious, from intimate to wild. To play Truth or Dare, you simply need a group of people with an established order of turns.

Usually it is helpful to sit in a circle, so that turn order is easy to follow.

If they refuse to answer the question, they must perform a dare, which is also make up by the asker.

If the player refuses to perform the dare, they pay some sort of penalty.

Another problem is that the game can become slow while large groups are waiting for turns.

For these reasons and more, we created Truth or Dare Online!

In most cases, M&F will provide the most general questions.

All female and male are provided for special cases, but you can certainly pick all three if you want.

Mixers come in three varieties: Positive mixers, negative mixers, and neutral mixers.

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