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Calls to other international destinations are preceded by 011, followed by the country code, then followed by the full phone number (including city or area code, where applicable).

The exception, of course, is when a toll-free call is made.

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Telephones in Canada work exactly like telephones in the USA, and similarly to Euopean phones.

Generally speaking, a phone consists of a 12 button "dial pad" or "keypad" with digits from 1 to 9, 0, * and #.

Ads for 900 and 976 services are required to indicate the charges associated with placing a call.

When a customer places a call, a message must clearly specify the charges and when they will begin.

A toll-free number has the area code 800, 888, 877 or 866.

The area codes 900 and 976 are assigned to service providers which charge an additional fee for their services, either on a per-minute or per-call basis.

Emergency calls may be placed by dialing 911 (nine-one-one) in most areas.

All phone calls to 9-1-1 are free, including calls made by pay phone or cell phone.

(On the rare occassion - often at an out-of the-way location - you may encounter a dial phone rather than keypad) For the vast majority of phones, all keys have letters of the alphabet associated with them, except for 1, 0, * and #.


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